Zain Haq is facing separation from his family and community due to a removal order in place because of his non-violent climate activism.

Climate Justice activist Zain Haq is facing deportation from Canada for peaceful protest. We must defend the democratic rights of Zain & all activists!

⏰ The LAST and ONLY chance we have at stopping deportation is Ministerial intervention by Minister of Immigration Marc Miller!

🙏 Join us on Zoom on Thursday April 18th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

Please email the Minister at

A judge has refused to stop Zain’s removal and we need the Minister to intervene before the 21st to stop the removal*

✈️ Zain will be DEPORTED in FOUR DAYS unless we can get our MPs to convince Immigration Minister Marc Miller to stay Zain’s deportation

More info on his case:

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