Climate Convergence Statement
November 12, 2021


The United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow is now coming to a close. The Trudeau government once again try hard to portray itself to the world as a leader on climate action. This could not be any farther away from the truth.

After promising that “Canada is back!” at the COP21 meeting in Paris, the Trudeau government’s record six years later has done nothing but go backwards:

– Canada is the only G7 country other than the U.S. where emissions have risen every year since the Paris Climate Agreement
– Out of the G7 nations, Canada pollutes the most with 16.85 tonnes of CO2 emissions per capita.
– The oil and gas industry was subsidized with more than 18 billion tax dollars last year alone.
– The government of Canada continues to violate Indigenous rights by the expansion of oil pipelines and other resource extraction projects.
– Trudeau’s government makes it impossible for Canada to reach any protocol agreement by pushing ahead with the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX) and the Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline.

At COP 26, the government of Canada made new promises to curb coal exports and stop financing foreign fossil fuel projects. However, Canada’s Climate Action Tracker rating remains to be “Highly Insufficient.” Government promises would limit warming to 4C instead of the 1.5C agreed to at the last UN climate change conference – and 4C is practically a death sentence for the majority of the world’s population.

The fact also remains that the government of Canada has missed every single climate target it has ever made.

A huge oversight in UN climate agreements and emissions reporting is that although militaries are among the biggest polluters on the planet, countries do not have to include these emissions in their targets or their reporting. The world’s militaries combined, and the industries that provide their equipment, are estimated to create 6% of all global emissions, according to Scientists for Global Responsibility.

The government of Canada refuses to include military emissions in its UN climate reporting. It now also plans to purchase 88 new carbon-intensive fighter jets for $19 billion and $82 billion on 15 new petroleum-powered warships.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the many voices questioning Canada’s response to the climate emergency at COP26 “cynical.” Quite the opposite. The cynics are those in power who promise they can solve the crisis and then continue trying to sell half measures and ridiculous non-solutions which maintain the rise of emissions and degradation of mother nature.

We are not cynics. We believe in humanity. We are those who think that a better world is possible. We believe a mass international climate justice movement fighting for System Change, Not Climate Change! is our best shot to save people and the planet. At a time when people worldwide are focused on the climate crisis, people in Canada need to stand up against the lies of Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Climate Convergence joins with people around the world who are the real climate leaders fighting to stop the climate catastrophe and demanding climate justice now!

System Change, Not Climate Change!