TIME: Wednesday, February 28th @ 9AM
LOCATION: Nelson Square (in front of Honolulu Coffee), Vancouver, BC

We will meet at Nelson Square to go over what to expect for Zain’s Hearing before going into court together!

On February 28th, Zain has his Court of Appeal Hearing starting at 10AM. The purpose of this Hearing is to determine if the prior sentence ruling for Zain’s Criminal Hearing (regarding his non-violent activism) was improperly applied.

Depending on the ruling of this Court of Appeal Hearing, Zain could receive official notice from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) stating the date that Zain must leave the country. If Zain is given official notice on Feb 28th to be out of the country by a certain date, it’s time to call the Minister of Immigration, Marc Miller, and Justin Trudeau to request that they use their executive discretionary authority to ‘stay’ Zain’s removal.

It’s also possible that the panel of judges will reserve their decision and, in that case, the removal order won’t be given or enforced until there is a decision given at a later date.