Trudeau: Shut Down the TMX Pipeline Now!
People & Planet Before Pipelines & Profit!

Wednesday, June 26
Pedestrian Bridge over Hastings Street two blocks East of Sperling
North Burnaby
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More than ever before we must fight back. Our fight against TMX is not over, we must unite and raise our voices loud and clear: Trudeau, shut down the TMX pipeline now!

On May 1, 2024 the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) gave the climate destroying Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (TMX) the final rubber-stamp approval it needed to begin operation. Since then, oil tankers carrying toxic bitumen (a type of oil) from the TMX pipeline have begun to leave from Westridge Terminal in Burnaby. TMX is a climate disaster already, and the beginning of oil shipments is a ticking time bomb for further climate destruction.

The Trudeau Liberal government bought the existing Trans Mountain pipeline and the expansion project in 2018. At that time, TMX had a price tag of $4.5 billion and a completion date of the end of 2019. The final price tag for TMX, which is being funded by taxpayers in Canada, is more than 500% over-budget at $34 billion. This is huge and unjust burden on tax-payers in Canada, and any potential future Indigenous owners. TMX in operation means:

  • Triple the amount of bitumen (a low-grade crude oil) running though crucial salmon and wildlife habitats, as well as precious forest and farmland
  • Increased risks of catastrophic oil spills and escalates the risk for devastating fires at the Sumas and Burnaby Mountain tank farms
  • Seven times the number of oil tankers in Burrard inlet, further threatening Salish Sea life, including the already endangered southern resident Orcas

Despite these horrible financial and environmental costs, the Trudeau Liberal government has continued to support this project, trampling all over Indigenous rights as they gave TMX approval after approval. We continue to say, no way!

Stop TMX!
We demand People & Planet Before Pipelines & Profit!
System Change, Not Climate Change!